Hybrid – Power Mattress – 1001290001

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Hybrid – Power Mattress


Infection Control

Cover boasts excellent chlorine resistance, which allows for more than ten times the strength of cleaning solution over that of standard market covers.

High frequency welded flaps and seams assist with infection control policies

White inner substrate makes fluid ingress easily identifiable and aids infection control guidelines

Durable base sheet prevents fluid ingress

The simple tactile control panel can be easily wiped clean to ensure there is no harbouring of pathogens unlike traditional dials and switches

Pressure Area Care

Mattress can be used either with or without a pump, removing the requirement to move the patient off the mattress to step them up to an alternating system or down to a static mattress

Zonal mattress surface gives additional support to vulnerable areas

Turning pillow offers either a CMHR foam or visco-elastic foam head section to improve patient comfort

Additional Features

Castellated side formers prolong mattress longevity and assist with patient transfers

360° zip reduces replacement costs as well as prolonging longevity

Non-slip base prevents the mattress from sliding out of position, giving reassurance to the patient and carer


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